My story


My name is Bo-Eric Siren. I come from an environment of happy childhood, an inspiring teenage and a professional life full of challenges. 

Challenges are a natural part of life and I have certainly had my share. And more is still to come.

As a child I was described as a sunshine boy, open and flexible, adapting easily to changes in our family life. Those are qualities I have needed all my life in order to cope with demanding situations. Already as a child I experienced that our family had such a pour economy, that my parents had to send me away to go to school in another town, living with my grandparents.

As a 16 year old teenager I started to work every summer, always choosing to experience a new country every year. In the winters I worked beside my university studies, to support our family financially.

The passion for helping people was strong already as a college student. I never forget the injured man I picked up from the street. As I had taken him to a hospital and arranged for his healthcare, he looked up at me and asked: are you Jesus?  That day, I felt my heart was on the right spot.

As a grown up I have been organising international help for people in less fortunate countries, I enjoy coaching young people, both in life an in tennis. For three decades I have been supporting entrepreneurial people in several countries. I am also engaged in a global entrepreneurial wellness movement, awarded by the United Nations.

My professional life started with some  pioneering projects. We really wanted to contribute to the development of our region. One of these projects was to bring more visitors to the region, by establishing a ferry line. That was such a huge challenge for the whole region, that the manager chosen to lead the project backed off. Instead I accepted the challenge in this totally new business for me.  The project was called mission impossible, but my team made it come true.

Five years later I was elected the leader of a new pioneering project, aiming at bringing the companies and counties in th of region, to cooperate and thus lifting several industries  to a higher level.  As we joined the European Union, however new regions where formed and I was forced to create a new way of supporting my family and paying our newly built house.

I met this new challenging situation with a concept in which I started to help entrepreneurs to strengthen their business concept as well as their international business cooperation. In this process I managed to build a group of 700 experts from several countries, representing  a variety of know-how fields.

Looking ahead towards new possibilities to build a stronger financial base, not only for my present life, but also for  my retirement, I joined network marketing. That  was a fascinating experience of potentials and frustrations. This experience included my role as pioneer in EU sponsored lectures in the industry as a whole.

Today my challenges  lies in creating financial freedom to enable more time with my wonderful grandchildren and my hobbies. I also respect the work of my grandfather and my parents enough to feel great responsability to take their beautiful farm area as a legacy for the next generation.

Once more I am starting in the first grade, to learn internet marketing. Attraction marketing gives us huge international potential to utilize global programs on line, thus building up residual income streams. However, we need to have tools to choose the best concept among thousands of opportunities. We need to market systems that market products and services.

This process is expanding my mindset. I see how we can create true value for entrepreneurial people, thus training them to support self driven people to personal growth and financial freedom.

Everyone of us will have health challenges ahead of us. Some will meet them earlier than others. Personally I have experienced how 80% of our health challenges can be taken care of  by choosing a health supporting lifestyle. It´s amazing how we can influence health challenges like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, muscle recovery, stomach problems.

Having met one challenge after another, I feel how I am continuously raising the bar, improving my chances to empower others as well as myself.  Health and relationships have the highest priority. Expanding our comfort zone we are reaching a fuller, richer and more prosperous life.

I believe in a joyful healthy life enchancing our relationsships continuously asking myself how can I contribute to the community I want to serve.

Bo-Eric Siren


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